Torn: Un-Locking

Uh- oh. That all too familiar bug has bitten me again. That bug to comb out my locs, that is! In the three and a half years that I’ve had them, this is easily the fifth or sixth time that I’ve seriously considered doing it so I’m sure I’m getting closer to making it happen.

Pending questions at this point in time is if I will do the BIG chop– which I never did on my natural hair journey OR will I take a week’s time–maybe more (with the help of my daughter) to pick them a loose? Another major question– what I’m going do to my hair after locs? Will I give into the pressure–it’ll be coming from multiple directions–to straighten? Or will I have the patience & determination to nurture & embrace my natural tresses in all of its coarseness? I’m hoping for the latter, but I had tired of that process in the beginning, which led me to locs in the first place.

As I continue pondering, I’m watching YouTube for natural hair styling so I can go in it this time with an arsenal of styling options and hair care guidance.

That’s the only downside with locs. They’re not something you can jump in and out of so you’ve got to really think this thing through when considering getting them or getting out of them. Anybody else been through this?

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