Loc Style: Day & Night Part 1

Last night as I was braiding my locs in preparation for a crinkly iPod for an after 5 event this evening, I couldn’t help acknowledging how easy i have it. I washed hair on Tuesday night and let it air dry, then wore it pulled into a ponytail to work the next day. Towards the end of my workday I started braiding up locs in towards the back of my head because I knew I was wanted it crinkly for the event tonight, thus decreasing the time I’d need to spend on it in the evening. By the time I got home all I needed to do was retighten the locs along my hairline, finish braiding, then dampen my hair with the setting lotion. The night would have been perfect if my show “Revenge” wasn’t pushed off the air for Barbara Walter’s 2011 Most Fascinating People! Who cares? Anyway, this braided loc side bun was inspired by a loc rocker who’s video channel I just subscribed to on YouTube, Meroe Khalia. Nothing extravagant, but cute & reserved enough to wear my braided locs to work without looking CRAZY! But you know what, I’m almost considering rocking the braided locs out tonight. I could dress this bun up with gold & black flowers! Stay tuned for the evening look!

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