12 Hrs Later- Locs Tightened

No wonder I was so eager to follow the bronzegoddess01 hair regimen of not tightening my locs so often. Twelve hours of tightening my hair- of course not a continuous 12 hrs. I went to bed after tightening the back half of my hair last night then today I was out shopping, cooking, enjoying my kids before I decided to finish. A bit much, right? Still I prefer to maintain my own hair because at least its on my own time and I’m giving my hair some tender loving care.

Not to mention I’m in a position to do what I need to do for my hair without worry about extra cost. For example, I treated my hair to a much needed hot oil treatment–something you should do to your locs often ESPECIALLY during the winter months. At the shop I would spent at least another $5.

As for styling this week I plan to create curls with loc knots I saw on Chescalocs YouTube channel. That’ll probably take most of tomorrow afternoon after church.

Update coming soon.

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