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A Question of Length

BL (Before Locs) I don’t ever remember anyone asking me how long I was going to let my hair get. Whether it was short, medium length, or long. Not once did anyone ever ask, “How long are you going to let grow?”

So why, since becoming a loc rocker, do I get that question all of the time? Seriously, all of the time. Dealing with this question for the past four years has begun to wear on my nerves.

If the questions didn’t drip with disdain, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. “You’re not going to let your hair grow past your butt, are you? I wish I was kidding but I’m not.

To such questions I’ve usually responded that I’m not sure because I’m not. Its not something I give a lot of thought to. However, as I answer this question and similar questions, deep within myself I feel as though I’m defending my locs or the locs of others. Why?

Why are non- loc rockers so darn obsessed with the how long a loc rocker is going to allow their hair to get? Does the length of someone’s locs have some effect–positive or negative on their lives? Are they jealous? Envious! Or just curious?

What do you think?

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