LA & Make-up

This is it. When it comes to me and make-up this is as good as it gets.

But I want more. I want to be that girly girl who thrillingly enjoys playing in make-up. I’ve never known that girl Been a grown up for far too long, but that’s another story for another blog.

Back to what I was saying. For months I’ve been scouring You Tube videos and taking note of the beautifully made up eyes of many of the ladies that I follow. So when one such lady posted a video of her “easy everyday make-up regimen” I dived into my You Tube account.

I was lying in bed one night when the video began. When I awoke the next morning I couldn’t be sure if I’d fallen asleep because I was simply tired OR because the tutorial was so damned exhausting!

Honestly, the girl went through over 10 steps for this so called simple morning regimen:

1. Cleanser
2. Face Primer
3. Liquid Foundation
4. Concealer
5. Under Eye Concealer
6. Setting Powder
7. Brow Defining Brow Gel
8. Bronzed
9. Blush
10. Highlighter
11. Eyeshadow Primer
12. Eyeshadow ( multiple colors) 13. 13. Eyeliner
14. Mascara
15. Lip liner
16. Lipstick
17. Lip Gloss

OMG! Is that not exhaustive? Its more than exhaustive when compared to my little five minute regimen, if even that, of applying a little shadow to my eyes and gloss to my lips.

While the more polished, dramatic eyes may be all the rave right now, I don’t have that kind of time or money–think of the cost associated with the products & proper application supplies– to invest. I’ve still got kids to take care of! Lol!

What’s your beauty regimen? Is it short and to the point like mine or a little more extended like above. If I could come across something far in between the two, there may be hope for me yet!

P.S. Link for the video I referenced

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