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First Hair Washing After Unlocking

Funny it didn’t feel any more exhilarating than washing my hair with locs felt. In the moments before, I’d had great expectations of an orgasmically awesome experience. NOT!

Nevertheless my hair still feels free and fabulous. I hadn’t imagined being this excited about “dealing” with my loose natural hair. The last few weeks of the daunting process of combing them out has been well worth the expended

It’ll be no wash-n-go this evening. Not so sadly, those days are gone. Tonight I’ll be treating my hair to a detangling shampoo, deep conditioning, and a moisturizing leave-in conditioner. Cream of Nature is my choice brand for this occasion.

Oh yeah. How could I forget blow drying? First time in 4 yrs that I’ll be using blow dryer on my hair.



Obviously my hair is fragile right now coming out of locs after 4 yrs so I figure it’s best to take a gradual approach to handling. Not sure how long it’ll need to strengthen but for the next couple of days I’m just going to enjoy being finished with un-locking process! Spend my days and nights doing something productive–like writing.

Have you or anyone you know traded in locks for loose natural hair? How are you getting along? What are you doing with your hair?

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