Scared of the Loose Natural

Approaching my 3rd month of being un-loc’d and sporting my “loose”natural hair I can unequivocally confess that I’m scared as hell of my “loose” hair!

What exactly scares me?

1. Having spent the last four years WITHOUT handling my loose natural. Locs provided an almost carefree hair lifestyle. I could do as much or as little as I cared to do. Loose natural requires effort.

2. Nighttime maintenance. A cute style all day long can be ruined if not properly cared for at night. Even with straightened hair I struggled with maintaining styles, especially full ones like wet sets. Somehow the next day, after wearing a bonnet and trying to sleep pretty, my hair would be smashed, having no chance of lasting more than a day.

3. Looking a hot ass mess. Of course this is the direct result of #2 or some semblance of it. When a cute hairstyle from one day doesn’t carry over to the next and I’m pressed for time before work or church and don’t have a clue how to style my hair. Luckily this has only happened to me once or twice on these 2 months BUT that’s also because I fell back into two-strand twist mode. Not that that’s a bad thing. I’m just saying.

4. Hair loss/breakage. Second best thing about having locs next to having a ready made style was never experiencing hair loss. When I hair on the comb, on the rare I comb my hair outside of detangling my hair, I hate having that worry if the hair I see is breakage or normal shedding. Naturally, I’d prefer the latter.

There it is in a nutshell. Now that I’ve admitted my fear, the process begins of overcoming it.

First step was freeing my hair from the confines of my week old two strand twist.



So far so good. Today marks the 2nd day and the style is the same minus the flower–couldn’t locate my green flower. Plus I’m happy to report that I slept a little better last night, not as paranoid about whether my curls were going to be smashed to smithereens over night.

Even if you didn’t transition from locs to loose natural, have you experienced fears with working with your “loose” natural hair? Subscribe to my blog to follow my journey.

6 thoughts on “Scared of the Loose Natural

  1. sophisticatedhaircare

    I completely understand. You need to learn the pineapple method for those days when u do t want to re-twist or worry about smashing your hair. I just did a pineapple last night on my twist out and this morning after a couple sprays of my olive oil and water mix it was like new again!

    Pin curling also helps. YouTube is by far your beat friend when it comes to learning these things. I spent a lot of time on there learning how to keep my hair styles for at least three days lol.

    1. L.A. Jefferson

      Thanks Ash! I’m going to have to look up tht pineapple method. Last night I did re-twist a few twists in the front that started losing their curl and my hair def had a refreshed look this morning!

  2. NaturalHairPantry

    Hi there, your hair looks great. I know you’re scared but you just might like this “new you”. My sister has locks and is terrified of cutting hers off and starting over. I am currently transitioning. It’s been 11-months no perm. I’m following you now. Maybe you can check out my blog and follow back? I would appreciate any tips you may have for me. Be blessed. 😉

    1. L.A. Jefferson

      Thanks for the follow and congrats on your transitioning journey. I love fellow natural bloggers so I’ll definitely follow back. If on twitter my user name is @lajefferson

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