Natural Hair Protection

Although this picture was taken at bedtime, I sported this look all day. Why? Because I stayed in for the day, with the exception of one trip to target at which time I traded one head coverup for a cuter one, more appropriate one.

Not only was my hair covered up, I also didn’t bother un-twisting my hair. What would have been the point? I wasn’t going anywhere special. Wasn’t expecting any company. So there was no need to glam up my hair. Especially considering I would have had to retwist it at the end of the day. Unnecessary work is what that is.

At this stage of the natural hair game I’m learning the importance of doing what’s best for my hair– low manipulation.

Wanna know the biggest benefit of wearing my bonnet all day?


Yes, I’m screaming. Only because that’s how monumental that is for me!

At home, at work, in the car… I’m constantly in the mirror! Just ask my daughter. Its not because I just love looking at my hair. I’m usually on the lookout for embarrassing flakes! Lol. Since my flakes like to be front and center, I must be proactive so I’m not out looking CRAZY!

Needless to say that bonnet made for a very relaxing, stress free day.

Do you cover your hair up when you’re at home? Isn’t that great? Tell me about it.

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