YouTube Styling Tips

Even when I wore locs I had a bad habit of attempting hairstyles when I needed a style without practicing whatsoever. Talk about frustrating! The YouTuber made the styling method seem so easy, I didn’t think I needed to practice. But, on hindsight, I’m sure they practiced a bunch before they turned that camera on to record their tutorial. That’s why “Favoriting” videos is such a good idea when you find a style that you like.

If you don’t do this already, check out the tips below for using YouTube effective to meet your natural hair styling needs.

YouTube Styling Tips

1. Determine if the styling method is easy to follow. If you can’t see clearly what the YouTuber is doing, you can’t possibly expect to follow.

2. Watch the video several times before attempting the style.

3. Pay special attention to the length of hair of the stylist. Your hair won’t turn out the same if there is a drastic diff in hair length, among other factors.

4. Practice several times, preferably on a day when you’ve got time to mess around. Not when you planned to wear the style. Very frustrating when a new style you were looking forward to rocking at an outing doesn’t turn out right and you have to do something else at the spur of the moment. Plus it’s just plain ‘ole disappointing when you can’t wear your hair the way you’d planned.

Got any tips you want to share. Add them to the comments section.

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