Failed by the Pineapple Method

Either it was the pineapple method or the flat twist out method that I used that failed me. After day two the style went downhill. Major frizz. See…




This is precisely the reason for my love/hate relationship with these curly do’s. They’re beautiful but THEY DON’T LAST! At least not long enough for me. So I’ll probably reserve these styles for church and other special occasions.

How long can you keep up your curly ‘do? Maybe it’s just me.


2 thoughts on “Failed by the Pineapple Method

  1. vinegarandwater

    My curly do’s only last a day but I also don’t use gel and i’m finidng out that more and more napturals use gel for thier twist outs. I try not to use gel as much as possible. For my curly style I just use the curl creams and water. I didn’t think to to use gel because if that’s the case you can use any leave in conditioner and gel and it would work the same as gel and an expensive curl cream like Miss Jessies. Am I making sense? lol!

  2. Beyond X and Y

    Mine might last for 2 days just long enough to make me mad so that’s why I’m still trying to find out what to do with my hair. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not the only one. lol

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