2012 Natural Hairflections

At the onset of 2012 my hair was a little something like this:

photo 4yr old locs

I LOVED my locs!

Knew a change was gonna come but wasn’t 100% sure it was going to be this:

20120713-114724.jpg 1st hair wash after combing out locs

I couldn’t believe all the hair that was retained after combing the locs out. Extraordinary!

Admittedly, everyday hasn’t been perfect in this new natural hair life but I’m getting better and better. Below are some of the better times…

Mini Twist Out Mini Twist Out

Two strand twist is like the go-to style with natural hair but I discovered since I was newly out of locs that I needed to steer clear of them for awhile as I adjusted to life without locs.

Bantu Knot Out Bantu Knot Out

Yeah, bantu knots are cool and versatile. If you haven’t tried them, I suggest you do.

Flat Twist Flat Twist Out

Loved this twist out! Shorter twisting time and nice curl results.

Bun Bun on Straightened Hair

Pretty proud of myself for not putting heat in my hair during the times that I straightened it.

Formal Natural Formal Natural–One of my Fav Styles

This was for my best friend’s wedding. I was the only naturalista in the wedding party and was very proud that I didn’t succumb to pressure to get extensions or flat iron my hair.

Looking forward to what this new year brings. With the way I crave change, that could be just about anything! Stay tuned…

Do you have any natural hair highs or lows? I’d love to hear about them.

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