A Clear Path to Locs

A Clear Path to Locs

It’s a good thing that the name of my blog is interchangeable with locs or unloc’d hair because I’m feeling like I’m back on that familiar path to loc’ing my hair.

Why? Hair breakage, shedding,
unsatisfactory hair days,
too many trips to the beauty supply store, too many temptations to hide my hair with extensions…to name a few.

I like my loose natural hair after I’ve gotten into a nice style, whether it’s a cute puff ponytail, a twist-tuck-and-roll, or a curly ‘do. Then comes the horror when that particular hairstyle has run its course–usually too soon for my preference–and I have to pull out the leave-in conditioner, the moisturizer, and the oil. Not to mention the detangling comb and brush and the necessary accessories! Whew! I’m exhausted from typing that so imagine when I actually have to do it! Oftentimes it’s just too much. I just want to throw a hat on my head!

Maybe I ruined myself with locs because this constant need for styling is overwhelming! No style, besides twists, can get me through the week. This wouldn’t be so bad if the act of combing my hair was simpler. But it’s not. Combing my coarse hair is such a chore, and I think it’s even more coarse since I came out my locs. Is that possible?

If I dare to re-loc my hair, is it possible that I could miss my loose natural? I certainly hope not.

How’d I become so fanatical and indecisive about my hair? Do you ever feel this way on your natural hair journey?

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