Natural Hair Must Have Style

Naturalista or not, every woman has to have a hairstyle they can pull out of a hat at a moments notice. In my straight hair days that is usually the ponytail. Not too long ago I thought that was going to be it for me too even rocking my natural but it’s not so. Instead, it’s one of the first styles I tried on my natural hair after coming out of my locs.


The benefit of this easy to produce style is that it’s quick, cute, and protective at the same time. It’s proved its worth to me on quite a few occasions–I usually wear this style to work. But, most recently, this past Saturday when I awoke approximately thirty minutes prior to a meeting that I needed to be at, I needed something quick to do with my hair so I wouldn’t be late. I’d showered and washed my hair the night before and went to bed with six large twists in my hair. With little time to spare, I took the twist down, rubbed some moisture butter on my hair and made it do what it do.

Look at the tutorial below for a demonstration.

What are some of your staple hairstyles?

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