The Curls Have Left the Building

“Why can’t I get this right?” Yelling in my outside voice. I’m so frustrated with other naturals bragging about rocking their twist outs for at least a week when I seem to always keep going from this…

To this in one to two days.

I was too displeased to snap a picture of my hair yesterday. The curls were still intact but the ends were a hot mess and my roots weren’t much better 😔

My twist out was prepared on Saturday night. I rocked it Sunday, did not re-twist that night but covered my head with a bonnet (I’ve heard this is supposed to work. Hmph). Like I said, the next morning it was still curly but my ends were kind of sticking out but it did NOT look like it was only a day old. More like 3 days old.

Sooo last night I rubbed some curling pudding on my hair and twisted my hair in chunky twists but I was NOT feeling that this morning. Hence the above picture.

Furthermore, it’s also clear explanation for my last post about my thoughts on straight hair. Since my curls didn’t act right, now I have to figure something else out AND I won’t be home until late this evening so there won’t be much time to dedicate to the cause.

Hmph. I have a “serious” attitude!

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2 thoughts on “The Curls Have Left the Building

  1. Cherese Agee

    Hey sis, I love your natural hair! I found that twisting my hair with butters helps me to achieve great definition and to get the most out my twist outs. I like to retwist at night to keep the ends smooth. Finding the right product combination will help you make your twist outs last. Blessings to you sis!

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