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Unweaveable Protective Style


Yes, take another look if you must but that is me sporting a weave (and a hot red dress)! Haven’t done that in over 6 years.

Honestly, I’m experiencing mixed feelings about it. First, I’m glad to say that I do actually like it! The style of hair, that is. Thanks to my daughter–the weave queen herself–for helping me choose a nice loose curly. Even before she started wearing weave she didn’t like my first one and the second one–my husband affectionately describes as the “poodle do”.

On the other hand, I don’t like trying to keep the small section of my hair that is out properly mixed with the weave hair. In hindsight I should have gotten a full weave but my daughter heavily advised against that.

Another issue is the way my hair is braided underneath. I can’t get to
my scalp the way I want to. Quick, fast, and in a hurry I better get myself an applicator bottle so I can squirt some oil and conditioner down in there. Can’t have my hair getting damaged while in a supposed “protective” style.

Would I do it again? I won’t say never but it definitely won’t be a staple protective style. Here are my 3 top reasons why:

1. The best quality hair–the unprocessed kind– is monstrously priced.

2. I have to do almost as much maintenance on this hair as my own. Trying to control the frizz. That’s what I have to do on my own hair.

3. Oh yeah, this should have been at the top. This hair is hot as heck! A hat that I can’t take off!

So this hair has served it’s purpose. Got me through the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc 51st convention. But come this weekend, this has got to go!


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