2013 Hair Reflections

First, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Yeah, I got a little sidetracked from my posting but it’s good to be back.

Nevertheless, 2013 was quite a hair whirlwind. First, June 2013 commemorated one year of living loc free! Yes! I made it a complete year. Believe me there some tough times when I was seconds away from placing an emergency call to a loctician. 🎶Look at me now…🎶Look at me now.

Flat Ironed Hair
Flat Ironed Hair
Hair with curls
Hair with curls
Flat Twist Out
Flat Twist Out
Bun on Straightened Hair
Bun on Straightened Hair

Adjusting to life without locs was no small feat. Washing, cowashing, moisturizing, styling, protective styling–whew! It was a never ending process. By the onset of fall, I was about ready to pull out every strand of thick, kinky, shrinking hair!

Rather than going to those extremes, I opted to take the less stressful, time consuming road of straightening my hair more often than not.

And I gotta be honest… I feel so much better! My days aren’t spent pondering what my next hair fix will be. Lol.

But don’t fret. I’m still all about that natural life. My natural just needs a blow dryer and pressing comb sometimes 😉

Stay tuned for what this year will bring.

Naturally Yours,


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