Hair: Do We Have to Choose

Yesterday I watched a 30 min clip of a talk show where the subject was Black Women with Weave vs Natural Hair.

Honestly, it was very disturbing. Both sides of the debate. One of the naturals was extreme in her opinion and one of the team weave girls had some definite self-esteem issues.


Why can’t black folks just get along? Why can’t we simply embrace the power of choice and not try to condemn others in order to validate our stance.

If I had to choose, my choice is #teamrealhair–however you wear it. But I don’t take issue with what others choose. I do, however, take issue with folks taking issue with my choice.

Since I began my natural hair journey-from natural twists, to locs, to a variety of natural styles–there’s never been a time in my life where I’ve been more insulted by other black women! Nothing prepared me for that.

Excuse me–I digress.

A popular song from the 70’s said “make love not war”. That’s what black women need to do over this hair business!

Seriously! Enuf said.

Til next time,


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