Hair Crush #1

Whether you admit it or not, we all have them. Hair crushes. Non-sexual envy or admiration of another girl’s hair.

I have quite a of them but I won’t list them all in this post. I’ll start with one.

My sister.


We’re the only girls in our immediate family. And you know how the baby of the family gets all the good stuff, right? Well that applies to hair too!

While I was always one to try new things with my hair: relaxers, gherri curl, Hawaiian silky, wet sets, ponytail extensions, my sister, 7 years my junior always kept it simple.

I honestly believe since I tried so many things with my hair– which didn’t always work out–that my mother was less inclined to allow the same with my little sister. She was perfectly content rocking her pressed and curled hair in a simple ponytail, while I was always trying to put a pretty French braid in it. As a result of her simplicity, her hair remained healthy and untarnished– pretty long, I might add.

Now into adulthood, things have remained virtually the same. She will add some color every now and then (as you see in the pic above) and maybe some braids in the summer but, for the most part, she’s about that wrap and go life!

While I like to keep it simple too, there’s an unsettledness about me that needs to do something different every now and then. So those who are satisfied with one look are always the envy of my eye.

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