Can Straight Hair and Zumba Coexist?


Yep! It’s true! I love Zumba Fitness! But, on a recent visit to the first Zumba instructor I ever went to, I was quickly reminded that the high intensity fitness class is no more for the faint of heart than it is for the straight hair natural girl!

This exhilarating class that allows participants to dance like nobody’s watching to the best hip hop dance mixes combined with Latin beats not only burns the 600-700 calories it promises to, but it definitely leaves a girl drenched from sweat. Though I was having a ball with all the shoulder rolling, hip rolling, and chest pumping–all while adding my own flava of sexy– honestly, in the back of mind I was thinking about my hair! I’m sure the only ones who weren’t were the ones rocking weaves, locs, and other protective styles like two strand twists and extensions.

I thought I had did something–wrapping my hair and tying it up tightly with a satin scarf. Humph! Even allowing it to dry overnight was no match for the workout that my roots received.

So what’d I learn from this experience? I can still include a good Zumba workout in my exercise regimen BUT when I’m rocking the press & curl, Zumba must coincide with hair appointment time!

Funny how times change. I never would have thought I’d be back to allowing my hair to dictate my physical life. We’ll see how long this lasts? Stay tuned.

If your living this straight hair natural life, how you work in your fitness?

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