Loc Triggers

As comfortable as I’ve become without locs, there’s simply no denying that certain things will always trigger a string desire to retreat:

1. Exercise. Sadly, now that I’m back to straightening my hair, I’m experiencing that Black woman’s dilemma when it comes to exercising. I don’t care how much “I am not my hair attitude” that I claim to have, when I fork over some hard earned cash to get my hair done, there’s no way I’m going to allow myself to intentionally sweat it it out for the sake of fitness! Instead, I have to plan my workout–at least the intensity of it–based on my hair. Didn’t think I’d be back here again, 😞

2. Water. Y’all wouldn’t believe how fast I getting to running for cover when it’s start raining and I don’t have my umbrella. Sure you would, ’cause you do it tooπŸ˜„ if you’re rocking straight hair. SMH. I really miss not being afraid of getting my hair wet. It shouldn’t be that serious BUT it is!

3. Making Hair Appointments. Seriously! I think I’m supposed to be rich ’cause I need a stylist that works on my schedule. My weekdays and weekends are too unpredictable to have any kind of set hair appointment..

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