Flat Twist Out–Welcome Back

As much as I love my Marley hair bun, just like with anything else in my hair life, it reached its end cycle after a week. God knows I still have zero desire for doing my own hair, I can’t wrap my mind around paying someone $50 or $60 for doing something I can do. Not to mention, the one natural stylist I’ve been trying to set an appointment with is never available when I am.

After re-setting my bun a few times during the week it was really time to wash my hair. I took the easy way out–cowashing–and I halfway combed the leave in conditioner through my hair. I didn’t plan it going in, but before I knew it, I was flat twisting my hair. It definitely made for an easy hair regimen.

Unfortunately, the back of my hair didn’t dry completely–not sure why–but here are the results…

Maintaining this style?

I finally get it. I must re twist my hair at night. Just like when I wear my hair straightened and I have to wrap it at night or else it’ll be frizzy. Same here. If I don’t retwist at night, the curls will flatten and the ends will frizz. Period.


I’m finishing up the cream of nature wrap and setting lotion that I bought almost a year ago. This product has worked okay for me but I’m sure that’s because I’m a little light handed when I apply product. However, this time when I tried to apply a little more, I encountered the problem with the back not drying. I’m looking to trying something new.

What’s Next?

Before I move on, I want to master this style. When I redo it I’m going to work on the flattening my roots so they’re not so poofy. A while back I saw a YouTube video where the girl used clips to lay the roots down. I’ll be trying that soon. Any suggestions?

Thanks for checking in. Stay tuned for my upcoming hair crush post. It could be you! 😉

Naturally Yours,


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