Return of Colored Lips

Notice anything different about me???

Yep! Colored lips! They’ve been gone for quite some time but their comeback has been on the horizon for months now. No doubt it stems from the resurgence of the “red” lip comeback.

Why did they leave in the first place? Let’s just say it had something to do with sickliness and clowns. I’ll spare you the long story. Nevertheless, I was glad for the break.

I’ve spent the last ten years or so enjoying my purity of my natural beauty. Getting to know the unadulterated me, doing what I wanted to do–no explanations given. I’ve worn my hair short, two strand twisted, loc’d, and now–whatever way the wind blows. No matter the hair style, my face has remained the same. Pretty brown eyes shadowed by not always arched eyebrows, short but full eyelashes, long nose, and perfectly shaped lips.

My natural beauty has shown through it all. I never looked at myself and thought I needed something extra to make me pretty. What I was given was enough.

While that hasn’t changed, I’m excited about spicing things up a bit. Like a you-tuber I’ve seem on a commercial said, “Life’s too short to only have one look!” I concur!

I must have put something in the universe because on Mother’s Day, my mother included this Black Opal Orange Blaze lip gloss with the other present she gave me. She said she bought it by accident but I think not! It’s not her color but it happens to be one of my favs! Sounds like it was meant to be!

Calling all makeup bloggers! Any suggestions on where I should start?

Naturally Yours,


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