3 Reasons I Won’t Be Wearing this Wig

In the 2 years that I’ve been natural this is the second wig I’ve bought but the first one that I really liked! The style and color is very flattering. It’s definitely a keeper BUT keep reading to find out why I won’t be wearing this wig long…

1. Too damn convenient! I could easily moisturize my hair, stuff these twists under a wig cap, throw this cute “already styled” hair on my hair and keep it moving.

2. Branding! like to be recognized amongst my circle of friends and associates. The first time I wore this wig was to a function with a bunch of peers from the company I work at. I kid you not, I walked up to a longtime friend and he didn’t even know me! Just before that a woman I work with spoke into my face and had to do a double take before she realized it was me. Long story short, I spent the evening re-introducing myself to people. I felt kind of ridiculous. Cute, but ridiculous. Whether you realize it or not, your regular presentation of yourself becomes your brand. I like my “natural” brand!

3. I LOVE my hair! In all of its uneven, thick, sometimes annoying glory it’s the hair God gave me and I’m embracing it in every stage of this journey.

The most this wig will do for me right now is come in handy for those busy weekends when I don’t have time to do my hair and I want a quick style that can get me through!

So that’s me. Where do wigs fit in your natural hair journey?

Naturally Yours,

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