Wig Life…For a Minute

So after that failed attempt with crochet braids–a loss of a whopping $90–I’ve opted to sport my latest wig. If you follow my YouTube channel, you know the story behind the wig purchase. Well, I honestly hadn’t planned on wearing to work–that’s another story–but I was pretty much forced to. However, now that I’ve been wearing it for a few days, this wig thing has really grown on me!

I love taking it off at night. And so that I can still look cute for my husband, I usually tie a cute scarf around my head instead of sporting the drab wig cap. Nothing sexy about that, right? Anyway, the ideas behind the crochet braids was to give my hair a break from styling, especially since I cut the heat damaged hair off in the least effective way. Now I’m figuring I can still do that by wearing wigs for the upcoming winter months while keeping my hair moisturized underneath.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about caring for a wig–synthetic or human–so I figured I better find out. Below is an article I found on the website http://blackhairinformation.com on Wig Care 101. Check it out. Hope you find it as helpful as I did.

1. Invest in a wig brush.  While your wide tooth combs are gentle on the strands of a wig they are not able to detangle and smooth as well as a wig brush can.  These special wire brushes are looped on the end (instead of the rubber tips found on most vent brushes) and therefore will not get tangled in the strands and can remove even the toughest, most matted tangles.  A vigorous brushing can also revitalize the curls of a synthetic wig.

2. Purchase a wig head.  When you remove your wig to sleep at night, place your wig on either a mannequin or foam head.  This helps the wig to retain its shape and preserve the style.  Foam wig heads are relatively cheap, costing no more than $4.

3. Store properly.  If you are limited on space and do not have room to store multiple wig heads, then save the packaging the wig comes in.  When you store the wig, ball up newspaper to place in the dome area and slide into the bag in the direction of the hair with the “open” area facing downward.  Do not fold the wig as this may cause a permanent bend in the area and cause the wig not to sit closely to your head.  For your favorite wigs, you may want to purchase or craft a silk bag.

4. Wash regularly.  Some ladies never wash their wigs and expect them to last months while still looking fresh.  This is a huge mistake.  Even if you do not apply any product to your wig, daily wearing can cause it to become dirty.  To wash, fill a basin or sink with water and pour an ounce of shampoo in to dilute.  Gently swirl the wig around in the water.  Run your fingers through the wig in the direction of the hair to cleanse but also avoiding tangles.  Empty the basin and repeat until the water is clear.

5. Dry carefully.  To dry either hang your wig on a hook or set it on a mannequin head.  Drip drying is best, neither wringing out the wig nor applying heat but if you are pressed for time here are a couple of tips.  Use a terry cloth towel or t-shirt to wrap around the wig unit and twist.  Do not rub, tousle, or shake as this will only cause tangles and age the wig.  This is just to remove the excess water.  Set the wig on a mannequin head and place under a hooded dryer on the lowest setting, most dryers even have a cool air setting specifically for wigs.  Even if your wig is made with Futura heat-safe fibers, I would not advise blowdrying under any circumstances.

I must mention that even with the best care, if you are wearing your synthetic wig frequently do not expect it to last forever.  Although most synthetic wigs look most natural after a few days of wearing and styling they do reach a point from which there is no return:  when the ends start to look frizzy even after washing and applying wig shine spray and the hair starts to have a permanent dull look to it, it is time to retire the wig.  That’s the good thing about synthetic wigs, they are so reasonably priced you won’t feel the pinch when it is time to replace them.  Happy wig wearing!

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