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It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Twists or curls…it’s so hard to say goodbye a hairstyle that was hours or days in the making!

Two days ago when I was undoing the flat twist I’d been wearing the previous week I felt a touch of sadness. Those flat twist accompanied by a cute beanie hat got me through the first week back to work after the holiday break. Boy, did I need it! Convenient, cute, and prepping for a weekend of social activities.


Now here I am on the last day of the weekend and it’s time to say goodbye to the curls. They’ve got plenty of curl life left–at least 2 more days without retwisting–BUT tomorrow is Monday morning. Back to work. And I like my hair to style to be as simple as possible.

So bye bye curls…hello twists!


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4 thoughts on “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

  1. Agreed! I too don’t have time for a bomb hairstyle and then have a hat mess it up. LOL. So, I wear a lot of styles that can’t mess up easily or pinned styled.

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