A Stylist Was Born

Wrapped, ponytail, wrapped, ponytail. These were the only tricks I had in my hairstyling bag during  my pre-natural days. Most interestingly is that I had no desire to do anything else. Still, a world of possibilities opened up during the last couple of years that I was wearing locs. I could have let my shoulder length locs simply hang there like I did with my straightened hair but thanks to hours of scouring YouTube I discovered a wide range of styles that could be done with locs. Styles that I’d never considered for my hair before locs.

Why? I don’t really know but I’m glad for the change. In fact I was so glad about this emerging hair stylist within me that that it played a significant role in my decision to comb my locs and be creative with my unloc’d hair. 

Sure, I could have continued styling my locs just the same but the only thing was–for me–is that even though the styles can be the same–for loc’d and unloc’d hair–it is a slight difference. Locs, by their very nature, are thick. Therefore, the longer your locs are the bigger the style is going to be  and sometimes uncomfortable (i.e. Bun).

Nevertheless, I love styling my hair! I love it so much that I often have to remind myself that it’s okay to leave it alone. Especially when the demands of my writing life fall upon and the time to play with my hair simply isn’t there. That’s when two strand twist and flat twist styles come into play. Once these styles are in place you can pretty much get up and go with little upkeep before walking out the door.

Flat Twist Connecting into a Bun

Two strand Twist

While I love these styles and the get up and go that come along with them, you best believe that I’m always on  the lookout for the next style opportunity!

Naturally Yours,


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