It’s Fun Friday! Oh No She Didn’t!

What I thought was going to be a cool evening for my sons track meet yesterday turned into a perfectly toasty one in which I was no longer regretful that I’d left my jacket at home.  Leaning comfortably against the gate scanning the crowd of bite size and plus size kids dressed properly in jersey tanks and shorts and track shoes in search of son, my scan was interrupted by the most unusual site…


An apparent mom, lunging across the field to have a conversation with a coach or her kid with…wait for it… An unfinished weave!

I kid you not!

There had to be 24 inches of hair hanging from the bottom rows on her head but the crown of her head was like the picture above! SERIOUSLY.

The looks of astonishment amongst the other onlookers passed down like we were doing the wave at a baseball game. 

Speaking of baseball, a cute baseball cap would have been so fitting for her if she didn’t have time to get her hair finished before the track meet. Why oh why didn’t she cover her head???

I just hope this doesn’t become the next trend behind wearing pajamas out in public.

Have you seen anything so crazy??? Do tell.

Happy Friday!

Naturally Yours,


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