Natural Hair Motivation

As a natural girl living in an unnatural world–world of hair, that is– it’s not uncommon for non-natural hair girls to stare at your hair. Your first thought may be, “Oh God! They think my hair looks crazy.” While that certainly may be true there are a few other things that could be circling in their mind as they look on:

1. “Oooh…that’s cute. I wonder how long it took to get it like that.” One of the most given reasons I hear women say–though I’ve asked for no explanation–as to why they’re  not natural is because of how long it can take to manage the kinky curly hair. There’s no denying that. Even styles that are supposedly quick can be time consuming if you’re a novice stylist.

2. “Wow. She changed her hair again? It really is a lot of versatility in with natural hair.” As most naturals are DIYers, styling and caring for their own hair, many of us change our styles anywhere from one to three times in a week! That could be loosening the curls from a fresh wash and go, pushing ones hair into a puff, adding accessories like scarves and hair clips,or revamping it completely. If I weren’t a natural, I’d take notice too! Before I became natural, I used to be so bored with my hair always looking the same. Now my hands are always in my hair.

3. “I wish I could get my hair like that.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people who I thought were not feeling my naturalness  surprised me with saying something like the above. I’ve also had people admit that they’ve been practicing with their natural hair at home, trying to get used to the look before they step out in public. Surprise! You’re an inspiration!

As you continue on your natural hair journey, you’re always going to attract some eye attention. Just know that it’s not always coming from a negative place. And even if it is, it doesn’t really matter. The only one who needs to love your hair is…YOU!

Naturally Yours,


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