Introducing Wellness Wednesday 

  Next to writing, exercising is probably second on my list of what takes up my free time. It’s not quite a passion, but more of an obsession that starts and ends with the desire of a pre-C-section belly.  Eleven years after my second one, I’ve never quite reached that goal but I can attest to all of the other benefits of regular exercise: energy, healthy heart rate, low stress levels, and low weight (though up and down, I’m far from obese).

Over the years I’ve done some of every kind of exercise from low impact to high impact aerobics, step aerobics, cycling class, weight lifting, kickboxing, jogging, and Zumba. None of them  bring me the pleasure of good ‘ole fashion walking.

Walking gets a bad rap from the fitness finatics  who are all about burning fat and building muscle to sculp your body. However, any doctor will tell you that walking is the easiest and best exercise for you if you’re trying to improve your overall health. 

Body sculpting  is a totally different monster. That’s where you need all that intensity. So before you get started its important to know what’s your end game, your goals. The good news is that whichever one you choose, you can’t go wrong!

Stay tuned for regular Wellness Wednesday motivation and information with Naturally L.A.!

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