Quit Sweating Your Hair Length

  “Did you cut your hair?”  There is always going to be someone in the crowd that asks this question. Either they really think you cut it or they think your hair should be longer than what it is because you’ve been natural for a certain period of time.

Early in my natural days this used to drive me nuts.

OMG!  My hair is breaking off! I’m not retaining length! OMG!  Natural  hair is ruining my hair!

Yes, literally in a panic. Until I remembered an important fact.  Growing long hair is NOT my ultimate goal for my natural hair journey. In fact, I’m not even going to call it a natural hair journey  anymore. It’s simply my way of life. 

I totally understand people’s obsession with long hair though. Considering how often images of long hair are thrust in front of our eyes as what’s beautiful, sexy, sophisticated, it’s hard to get away from. But if you’re on a natural hair journey (you can still call it that if you want 😀), you’re already on the right path to elevating your mind to a new way of thinking, a new way of being. 

So this week I’m encouraging you to focus on the styling and caring for your natural hair. Master time efficiency and styling. That will help you love your hair all the more!

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