Wellness Wednesday–Fit & Fat

Can a person be fit and fat?

Your first thought may be, “Hecky naw!” And you’d be on the same page as most of the fitness experts whose articles I came across when googling this subject. However, there’s another opinion Id like you to consider. As you do, keep in mind that this is not an attempt to celebrate unhealthy lifestyle habits, just giving hope to the weary. 

A month or so ago, I attended a  Better Breathers club meeting with my husband. This is a support group for those suffering with health challenges that severely effect their breathing. At this particular meeting the guest speaker, a physician, provided information on the benefits of exercise as it relates to overcoming the symptoms of their conditions and extending their life expectancies.

According to this doctor’s research and experience, those patients who did even a small amount of exercise significantly increased their life expectancy by years. And to my husband’s satisfaction, this exercise didn’t have to be strenuous. It could include back and forth trips to the kitchen or restroom, a few laps around your living room or bedroom.

Underlying message was that sedentary lifestyles shortens lives and you don’t have to be a marathon runner or a bodybuilder to live a fit lifestyle, so get up and get moving!

Naturally Yours,


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