Free Friday–The Natural is Back???

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If you follow me on Instagram @naturallylajeff you know that I straightened my hair. One person who’s been enjoying the change is my husband–like he has something to do with it! He says I’m like a new woman! Lol!

A few weeks have gone by and since the initial weekend of the straightening I haven’t put any heat in my hair! For the last week, I’ve been wearing two side twists connecting into a ponytail, sometimes hanging down or tucked into a bun. Haven’t had time for much styling? See, textured hair life and straight hair life aren’t have a lot in common.

Anyway, when my husband saw the first flat twist, the first thing he said was, “Uh-oh, the natural is back. It was good while it lasted.” After got off the floor from laughing at his silly tail, I quickly replied that, “Uhh, honey, the natural never left!” Ha!

Straightening ones natural hair has zilch effect on your natural status, unless straightened with the creamy crack. Otherwise you’re just wearing your “natural” hair in a different state. And, as you know, most of the styles that are done on un-straightened natural hair can be done on straightened hair. However, you may not like it as much without the texture you’ve gotten used to. Who saw that coming?

Share with me how you wear your natural hair when it’s straight. How long before you start itching for your kinks or twists back?

Til next time naturalistas!

Naturally Yours,

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