Wellness Wednesday–Happy Thanksgiving

THANKSGIVINGFITNESSOn the eve of Thanksgiving–a holiday in which we express our thanks for all of our blessings by consuming double or triple the amount of calories we usually eat in a day, this Wellness Wednesday is extremely important.

Avoiding over-indulgence is the name of the game. But not everyone is playing and that’s okay.

The Internet is overwrought with articles about the dangers of over-eating  during the holidays or any other time, for that matter. And all the info is very poignant. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t care. Most people are looking forward to enjoying all of the yummy food that will cover the dinner table. For those of us who want to do something different, who care about the long-term effects of over-indulging for ourselves and others, my message today is simple:

Lead by example.

Leave the podium behind closed doors and the be the example you want others to see. Don’t invite your family to your house for a dinner of baked skinless chicken, kale salad, pita bread and hummus, and fruit salad for dessert. Do that, and they may not only not come back, but you might not get an invitation to the family dinner next year! Instead, have such healthier items as options to choose from along with your family’s traditional foods. Refrain from only having smaller plates for portion control because that’s you want to do or you risk controlling more than your portions, if you get my drift.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of blessings, family, friends, and food. Enjoy yours how you want and allow other to enjoy theirs. No matter how much we eat or don’t eat, the memories that are created during the holidays have little to do with the calories we ingest.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Naturally Yours,


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