Free Friday: Data Challenge


Like Dorothy in the The Wiz or The Wizard of Oz–whichever fits your fancy–I feel like I crash landed in the land of Oz. Only it’s called the land of data!

I can’t be the only one baffled by how much I’ve been paying for my mobile service these days. Tears literally streamed down my face when I clicked the link to view my history of payments. Oh lawd…Why did I do that?

“So that’s where you’ve been hiding.” I said of the visual account my payments for services rendered.

Services rendered? Hmmm. What services exactly?

Unlimited data that the provider slows down to a snails pace once I reach a certain limit. Twenty-four seven access to social media, words games(my favorite games), and thousands of emails of which I don’t bother–most times–to look past the subject line. Just for laughs I’ll throw talking and texting on the list although–who does that?

Am I–we–really paying this much money for entertainment on the go?


In the illustrious argument close out words of my husband, “I’M DONE!”

For the remainder of the month of December I’m going on a mission to retrain my brain–and my children since their phones are apart of my bill–to use less data and WIFI, for that matter.

The overall goal is to recondition myself to use my cell phone as sparingly possible to detox myself and my family from the drug like addiction of constant entertainment.

Yea right! You may be thinking. How are you going to do that?

Thanks for asking because I’ve got my strategy all ready.

During working hours…I’ll focus more on work, professional development, interpersonal relationship development. I just might get that new job I’ve been looking for!

During wait times at appointments (doctors, dentists, hair, nails, etc)…I’ll have my word search puzzle book or any one of the books I’m in the process of reading.

In the grocery store line…I’ll read one of the many magazines that we’ve stopped buying.

Having dinner with my family (in or out of the house)…I’ll TALK to them.

In the car…I’ll listen to the radio or pop in a CD instead of playing my Pandora or Spotify station through my stereo system.

It can be done and I will do it!

My cell service provider is going to be in for a shock come 2016. They can get their money from somebody else because I’m going to be spending mine of things more worthwhile like food, family, my church, helping others in need. The list is endless.

I invite you to join me. I’ll be using #lessdatachallenge on all of my social media pages.


Naturally Yours,




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