Free Friday–My Harvest is on the Way!


A few weeks ago, November 28th, was National Small Business Saturday. I’m not ashamed to say that I didn’t participate BUT that’s because I’m always supporting small businesses. Like today.

A retiree from the company I work for boldly opened a boutique not far from the building that I work in. Her clothes are stylish, affordable, and not everyone is going to have them. I picked up red purse, a black faux leather skirt with fringes, and an adorable camel color tunic with peekaboo pieces of lace on the front and back.

 Before I sashayed over to her shop, I had visited my cousin, an esthetician, to have my eyebrows arched.

My employer allows vendors to come into our building anywhere between five to six times a year. Items sold range from apparel, accessories, books, handmade things, to homemade treats. I’ve bought some of it all!

Like performing community service, supporting small business owners warms my heart. Being a part of other entrepreneurs dreams inspires me to keep moving forward with my own.

As Grammy Award winning Gospel sensation and radio personality, Yolanda Adams, said on her show this morning, “The law of sowing and reaping is real. I know in my heart that every time I sow into someone else’s dream/business, my harvest is coming.

For your chance to sow into my harvest, you can purchase my novel, Unfinished Business, for the book lover on your Christmas list.

Happy Holidays,


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