#lessdatachallenge update

CELLPHONE2Two weeks ago I declared a self-imposed challenge to use less data on my cell phone as I prepare for a smaller data plan with my cell phone provider. Here’s an update.

Day#1 My phone was void of power but I had an appointment at a location that I’d been to on more than one occasion. Bravely, I hit the freeway and somehow found myself driving up and down looking for the familiar building. Honestly, if my phone was charged, I would have cheated and pulled up the address on my GPS. However, the experience confirmed the need to get back to basics of knowing where the heck you’re going before you start driving!

Day #2 Getting through the work day was easy.  There was work to do PLUS I’m fortunate to have limited access to the Internet for personal use (per the Code of Business Conduct) sooo I enjoyed a bit of Google periodically throughout the day. However, at my doctor’s appointment that evening, I wasn’t so disciplined. Even though the appointment was prescheduled, my #lessdatachallenge was still fresh. Therefore, I didn’t plan accordingly with a puzzle book or one of the many novels I’m reading (I don’t know how a book wasn’t in my work bag!). So after looking halfheartedly at the pamphlets lining the exam room wall, I pulled out my phone to catch up on my Words with Friends games that I’d proudly ignored during the work day.

Day #3-5 were easy breezy once I took the Facebook application off of my phone. It’s amazing how that little blue single letter icon can will you into clicking on it to see who’s doing what, when, and with who. Whew! The break was (yes, it’s back) refreshing!

Day 6-present. I’m trudging along quite nicely. Besides one midweek slip up, watching a documentary on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated after coming across a story on Yahoo about the forgotten Kennedy sister. Maybe Netflix is the next app I need to take off my phone.

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for a new year of a lower cell phone bill.

How’s your #lessdatachallenge going? Ready to quit yet?

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