I didn’t bring in the new year with bells and whistles but that’s no indication to how excited I am for 2016!

First, let me wrap up 2015. I’m absolutely over the moon about completing my second novel. FINALLY! Lack of a solid writing schedule and receiving a new role of caregiver are two major reasons why it took so long. But it was a great feeling closing out 2015 without that looming over my head. 2016 will bring about its publication and hopefully an overwhelming reception from my very patient readers.

Submissions…I submitted more pieces for publications than before.  Two  to Chicken Soup for the Soul and one to Readers Digest. I know that’s a small number but it’s still more than I’ve submitted in the past. And I expect to submit more than that in 2016. Somebody is going to select my submission for publication! Until then I’ll be blogging away and on the hunt for more submission opportunities.

Speaking of blogging, in the middle to latter part of the year, I added a couple of new categories to my blog. If you’re a regular reader you know all about them: Wellness Wednesday & Spiritually Speaking. These subjects represent very important facets of my life. My spirituality and my health. I’m looking forward to enriching the lives of my readers with my personal tips and perspectives on these subjects.

Christmas was pretty good to me this year. Hera are some of my goodies:

Tracking my steps with my Fitbit. Finally got it all synced up

 A beautiful journal to add to my collection.   

Trunk up elephant bookends. Any Delta girl would love these!

  I LOVE  cutsie coffee mugs. Including cappachino is a  welcome bonus  

Right now I just want to see my son’s Boy Scout patches on his uniform

  Popcorn popper Speaks for itself, right?

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