Wellness Wednesday–Beyond the Scale

  Whelp…I’m now a complete week into Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale program and so far things are going well. Following the plan, I lost nearly 2 lbs (1.8) in the first week. Now the pressure is really on!

Losing a pound or more (some participants in my group lost 5lbs) in the first week is not hard to do with Weight Watchers or any other weight loss program. Why? Because at the start of the program, participants are highly motivated for achieving long term goals they’ve set for themselves. They dive in, head first, and do everything right. Then when those first few or several pounds are lost, over-confidence can set in and works against us in  the following weeks.

Okay, I’m not speaking of any researched facts on the matter. Maybe it’s just my story (I doubt it).

The first time I participated in Weight Watchers, I yo-yo’d the entire 12 weeks. By the end of the program I was pretty much where I started. But that was at a time when I was only concerned about losing vanity pounds-10lbs. Quite honestly, back then, I was participating mainly because of the other people in the group.

Not so this time. I really need to lose a minimum of 20 lbs. And that’s just to get me away from my “OMG!” weight range. But I’m a sensible woman. I’m not on any special timetable for this desired weight loss. I’m  more interested in long-term lifestyle changes.  The Beyond the Scale Weight Watchers program  is perfect for that.

Unlike the past programs, Beyond the Scale focuses on the participant– not the number on the scale. Participants set their own goal rather than striving for what Weight Watchers says you should weigh. However, if you want to achieve the Weight Watchers Lifetime Member status, you do. That’s my long term goal. But for now I’m striving for control and mindset change!

I’m tired of always giving into temptation and immediately feeling like a failure afterwards.  I’m tired of wanting to improve my physical appearance for myself  and acting like I’m not in control of a BIG piece of the puzzle. I may not be able to control my body type–that’s God given, but I am 100% in control of what I put into my mouth.

As for short term goals, I’m already halfway there!

I’m particularly proud of my first Friday on the program. Like most families, I want nothing more than to unwind on Friday after a long workweek. Who wants to cook? Not me. Fridays are usually a guaranteed fast food night in my house, usually pizza. Well, knowing this, I started thinking about how I was going to combat this as early as Wednesday. After plugging in some essential facts about myself and what I like to eat, I get food ideas that coincide with my likes when I log onto the Weight Watchers site. Lo and behold I came across an easy enough recipe for homemade barbecue chicken pizza. My husband and I had been ordering such a pizza from a bar and grill not far from us. Most of the ingredients needed were already in my kitchen (I love when that happens). All I needed were I already some tortilla wraps and mozzarella cheese. 

The pizza was well received by my husband. So much so that we ate them Friday and Saturday. And for dessert, we had graham crackers with mini marshmallows and semi-sweetened chocolate chips. Just the amount of sugar to satisfy and a lot less fattening than the chocolate chip cookies I had eaten the weekend before.

I’ll keep you updated!

Are you on a similar lifestyle change journey for 2016. Let’s keep each other encouraged!

Til next Wellness Wednesday!

Naturally L.A.

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