Spiritually Speaking–A Wasted Prayer?

  “Aah, never mind. I don’t want to waste a prayer on something so trivial…” My cousin said during a casual conversation she and I were having a few weeks back about a pressure cooker. She’d found one in a never opened box buried in her mom’s basement. She was ecstatic considering she’d been thinking about purchasing one. The find gave her the perfect opportunity to try it before buying it. Yes, even though her mom had forgotten all about the cooker, her mom wasn’t parting with it. In her first use, though, something went wrong. I can’t remember exactly what happened to the cooker, but my cousin feared that, not only was she going to have to buy her own cooker, she was also going to have to replace her mom’s. Just in case you don’t know, pressure cookers aren’t cheap!

It was at this point that she said, “I pray that this cooker is not broken, which she followed with the “wasted prayer” comment.

My immediate response was, “Girl, you can pray about anything. The big and the small; God can handle it all.”

“Pray continually,” it says in I Thes 5:17  and  I Peter 5:17 says “..casting all  your cares upon Him for He cares for you.”

Don’t these simple passages of scripture say it all? Considering prayer is what God designed for us to communicate with Him, it’s pretty impactful that His Word tells us to pray all of the time–continually. On top of that, he says to cast all of our cares upon Him because He cares for us.

Do those words warm your hearts like they do mine?

God cares for us and wants us to talk to Him all of the time about all of the things that are on our mind. My friends, that includes the big and the small, the significant and the insignificant.

The God we serve is so omnipotent that while someone across the ocean is praying for healing in their body, someone else can be praying for a job promotion or a passing grade on an exam. God can handle it all in His appointed time.

I don’t know about you but I’m glad about that. So follow the Word of God of cast all of your cares upon God and pray without ceasing.

He cares for you.

Naturally Yours,


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