Wellness Wednesday: Workout Buddy vs Accountability Partner

I’m off work btwn 4:30 & 5:30 everyday. My sister is off at 4 but has another job that age goes to some evenings. One friend works from home, sometimes days, sometimes afternoons with alternating off days. And all of us have children–children in activities.

So which of them can be my workout buddy? 

Each of them, but in a very different sense of the word.

Clearly we can’t always physically workout together. One friend and I have met at the mall a few times and a Zumba class. My sis and I are trying to go to a cycling class this Friday. But that’s just this week. Anything could happen next week.

But what we can do is always keep each other accountable.

An accountability partner keeps you on track with daily phone calls or text messages to inspire you and/or remind of your commitment. 

  You can decide.

I find it helpful being on either side of the call or text. Surely I can’t inspire or encourage someone else of something I’m not doing. Helping my friends is also helping myself. I benefit just as much when I’m on the receiving end. Sometimes it comes right when I need it.

Lucky I’m cool working out solo or with a friend, my preference being the first. That’s the introvert in me. What’s your preference? Share in the comments below.

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