A Widow’s Resilience: The Book Launch

The book launch for A Widow’s Resilience was a beautiful affair. Kudos to the curator of this anthology, LaTanya Orr. It was so nice to meet my fellow co-authors in person for the first time. Two of them were guests on my podcast, Conversations Between Widows, with me and my cost-host, who was also in the garden on launch day.

I looked and felt like a million bucks. When I saw the dress I chose for the day’s on Nordstrom’s website, I knew immediately that that was IT! Ironically, that was the same feeling I got when I purchased the dress I wore to my late husband’s celebration of life dinner. And to think I didn’t even use to shop at Nordstrom!

Each co-host was allotted five guest. I invited my mom, daughter, cousin, and friend and podcast co-host. I expected for them to be there. Who I didn’t expect to show up were two of my former co-workers who also had the pleasure of working with my late husband. The smiles on their faces let me know they intended to surprise me with their presence. My heart swelled with joy. It’s nothing like people supporting you without even being asked.

Left to Right: Daughter, Cousin, Mom
Pictured with two of my Delta Sigma Theta line sisters
The former co-workers who surprised me.

This is the first published work of my widow journey. I was glad to share in it with 13 other widows who happened to be extraordinary women who have triumphed over the pain of loss. Personally, there’s more to my widow journey than what’s included in the books. My memoir is in the works. Stay tuned for that.

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