Journey to my next adventure: What This is Not

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The decision to leave my job of 23 years did not come without serious thought and consideration. I did not look at my bank account one day and say to myself, “Girl, you good. You don’t need this bi-weekly paycheck you’re getting from this company.”

I didn’t look at my 401K balance or think about the severance payment that I’ll receive and say, “Girl, you good. You don’t need any more deposits in your accounts.

I didn’t review my recent book sales from that last two months and think, “Girl, you good. You’ve made it! You’re ready to be a make your living from your writing!”

Leaving my job has been a combination of planning, praying, and positioning myself to do the last thing that anybody expects from me, even myself. I’m good for thinking about taking risks but I usually take the safest route possible in all things.

In all my years of working at AT&T, I’ve known plenty of people who left but not even a handful left voluntarily. It was only after not being able to find a job within the company if they were effected by a job reduction in their department. But, however, these people left the company, I haven’t seen any one of them fall on their faces. In fact, most are happier and prospering more than when they were with AT&T.

While I’m definitely claiming mainstream success with my writing, I am, by no means, planning to live the starving artists life. I accepted, long ago, that most writers have to work to support themselves while they pursue the passion of writing. I’m good with that. I just want to be able to do that working in a job/career that I feel will be as fulfilling as writing is to me. Librarianship is that career for me.

I began a graduate program for librarianship in the fall of 2018. I’m on target to completing the program in December 2021. There just didn’t seem to be a better time to pursue this new career than the timing of the buyout offer from my employer.

When a coworker, who I didn’t personally tell about my accepting the buyout offer, came to inquire about my plans, I felt really good telling her about my plan. Because I’m definitely a woman with a plan!

P.S. I actually have a job interview scheduled for 7/6, three days before my last day at AT&T.

2 thoughts on “Journey to my next adventure: What This is Not

  1. kegarland

    YAY! I’m glad you found a field you like. I think librarianship is a perfect fit, actually. I have a friend who received a masters in library science, and she listed like 100 jobs somebody could get with that. I think it pairs perfectly with being a writer. Okay. I’m done. Can you tell I’m excited lol

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