The Writing Continues: 3rd Novel Loading

The story of Kania Johnson, the third and final friend introduced in my debut novel Unfinished Business, is loading for publishing in the early fall of 2022. I started writing her story sometime in 2017, maybe 2016, when I realized she needed a story. Her character evolved from the friend getting married in Unfinished Business, to the friend who transformed from being career driven to mom driven in my second book, Reconciliation to Hell. Her relationship and marriage appeared perfect, untouchable from the vantage point of her friends. But no marriage is safe from strife and temptation. Kania, and her husband, Kenneth, are no different.

So the question,then, became, what should this well-put together, loving couple encounter to test their marriage? How about a threesome partner, a pastor, and a family secret? Sound juicy? I hope so!

I was having a ball creating this story in the writing software, Scrivener, and just when I decided to a do a copy and paste from that software to Google docs, the software crashed! YIKES!

Let me tell y’all..I was thanking God for the spirit that led me to back up my work or else I would have been starting from scratch. But here I am 3 years later, in the rewrite stage following a developmental edit of the book last summer.

Just to give you a snippet of what it’s like to rewrite based on a developmental edits, here ya go:

But at this mid-point of January, I’m trudging along making progress everyday. I’ve set a had goal to get through the edits by March 1st. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Naturally Yours,


2 thoughts on “The Writing Continues: 3rd Novel Loading

  1. erica smith

    Hey LA,

    My name is Erica Smith. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the podcast Conversations Between Widows as I am a widow of 21months now. My husband died April of 2020. I have 2 minor children 9y daughter and 13y son.

    Lots of things you and Latonja talk about resonate with me sooooo much!

    I was born and raised in Detroit. Went to Henry Ford High and when I graduated I went to Wilberforce University. That’s where I met my late husband. We loved in Ohio for 30years then about 6months before he got sick and then died we had moved to SC. And here I am, navigating this new life.

    Hope to get a chance to speak with you and your co host. How do I get into the clubhouse? Please enlighten.

    Thank you for your time and talent.

    Erica Smith 937.367 2322

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