A Time for Everything–Even Hair

There’s a time and a season for everything and that includes hair styles. For the last few months I’ve been rocking my straightened natural hair with the brief departure for some kinky twist extensions. I don’t know if it’s the lack of pizazz I felt after my recent visit to my hairdresser for a press & curl or if I’m just over it right now, but I’m ready for a different style.

Surprisingly, I’m leaning towards a bun, my least favorite protective style. Why don’t I like buns, you’re probably wondering? The answer: I’m not partial to hairstyles that require gel. Why? Because I don’t like restrictiveness. Once that bun is up there, the only way to get it down is wetting the hair.

Yet, I still want one. Guess I’m tired of my hair hanging, knowing that’s not good for my ends. Sooo, the next pic I post will be with my bun. Maybe.

Stay tuned… 😀

Cold Winter Temps & Twists

How can I enjoy my twists in this brutal winter??? You see, this sistah right here must keep a hat on her head at all times! All times!


There’s no style that I can tuck under the full coverage hats that I wear besides:


Any suggestions?

Side note: I’m going for a retouch today to get a few more weeks out of the twists. Regardless of style, I’m loving the “get up & go life!”

Burrrr…Where’s Your Hat Natural Girl?

Ooohwee! In these frigid temperatures, I hope my natural girls are keeping those heads covered. Damn a hair style! Lol!

Check out some stylish natural ‘dos accessorized with just as cute hats:




Stay warm girls!


Twist Extensions-A Long Time Coming

After months and months of debate I finally took the plunge and got a protective style with extensions–twist extensions.




Unfortunately, two of my fears were realized.

1. The process took double the time I expected. Granted, the young lady providing the service gave a nice price break since she doesn’t have a lot of experience. While the price was the draw for my decision to get the twist, I still didn’t like the time it took. And it’s hard for me to rationalize the sacrifice of the time with the convenience I’m gaining for the next few weeks. It’d be different if I was single, but when others are expecting you home and they start calling you like, “Hey, how much longer?” and you have no clue, it’s a little unnerving.

2. While the pain wasn’t excruciating, I still can’t stand folks pulling and tugging my hair. I know they have get the extension in tight so it’ll hold. Still…ouch!

At the end of the day I’m satisfied with my hair. Looking forward to being able to get up and go–after I shower, of course. Lol!

What say you? Is the cost and discomfort of extensions worth the convenience?

Talk to me,

Back to Free Hair


Whew! That was the longest week ever with that weave in my head! At least it felt that way. Plenty of times I tried to convince myself that I could rock the weave for another week–a far cry from my original plan to rock it for a month! Where did that girl go? Lol!

Overall I liked the curl pattern of the hair but it required too much work. The hair was always tangling in the back and I couldn’t put it in a ponytail without worrying about tracks showing. I was going through too much to try to tame hair that wasn’t my own.

My next long term–or intended long term–protective style will be some kinky twists or Senegalese twists. At least the braids or twists won’t have to be combed. I can work with that.

What’s your preferred protective style? Braids, twists, buns?

Natural Hair–What’s Next?

Keeping it simple is my favorite way of doing things when it comes to my hair. So I love love love this hairstyle! As you can see.




If I took pics of myself regularly you’d see just how often I wear it.

It’s funny, though, because when I came out of my locs I had no idea this is how I would be wearing my hair.

Protective Styling Encouragement

Now I see why some people describe protective styling as boring! I love these styles for their simplicity BUT geez!! I’ve been sporting either of these styles for like two weeks.


French Braids

I know. I know. I am the woman always on the prowl for simple, easy to maintain. Well I definitely have that here.

So what’s a girl to do???

“Embrace it and stay on target!” I command myself when I get tempted to play in my hair. And look forward to the weekend when I allow myself to let my hair down IF I so desire.

A word of advice–as I encourage myself–staying mindful of the long term goal of growing longer, healthier hair, protective styling is a BIG piece of the picture.

Committed to Protective Styling–Results

As promised on my YouTube channel, here are a couple of pics of the two strand twist pinup style that I came up with. Not the best, I know, but practice does make perfect, right?



Natural Hair Must Have Style

Naturalista or not, every woman has to have a hairstyle they can pull out of a hat at a moments notice. In my straight hair days that is usually the ponytail. Not too long ago I thought that was going to be it for me too even rocking my natural but it’s not so. Instead, it’s one of the first styles I tried on my natural hair after coming out of my locs.


The benefit of this easy to produce style is that it’s quick, cute, and protective at the same time. It’s proved its worth to me on quite a few occasions–I usually wear this style to work. But, most recently, this past Saturday when I awoke approximately thirty minutes prior to a meeting that I needed to be at, I needed something quick to do with my hair so I wouldn’t be late. I’d showered and washed my hair the night before and went to bed with six large twists in my hair. With little time to spare, I took the twist down, rubbed some moisture butter on my hair and made it do what it do.

Look at the tutorial below for a demonstration.

What are some of your staple hairstyles?

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