April Natural Hair Styling Challenge

I really, sorta, kind of wanted to exercise after work yesterday. But since I spent the weekend relaxing with the family, I neglected my weekend errands including grocery shopping. Two days of ordering pizza for dinner was more than enough motivation not to put off the inevitable any longer. So when we reached home at the end of the work day I was running back out on a mission replenish my kitchen for the week. THEN…my hair was screaming for a reprieve. Besides spritzing  with water, I hadn’t done anything to it in over a week. I transitioned from a twist out, to a high puff and I’d planned to see how long I could make it like that but my hair put an abrupt stop to that game plan. 

It was 8 o’clock at night and I did NOT want to bother with hair but I had to–said my hair. I cowashed and spent the least amount of time on my hair on even a cowash day than I ever had. After lazily rubbing a leave-in throughout my hair, I plaited my hair–with thoughts of my natural hair sorority sister who said that’s all she does with her hair–and hoped for the best in the morning. Only thing is, she’s been natural for nearly 10 years so she’s got this stuff down packed. 

I don’t.  :((

First, my hair didn’t dry all the way. Seems no matter how little product I use in my hair, it refuses to dry properly overnight. The only style I could come up with and not be late for work was:


I was still cute but, still, the time has come for a new challenge. No more hiding behind twist-outs and protective styles. I MUST learn how to style my hair in a short amount of time, with minimal prep the night before.

Stay tuned!

Naturally Yours,


It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Twists or curls…it’s so hard to say goodbye a hairstyle that was hours or days in the making!

Two days ago when I was undoing the flat twist I’d been wearing the previous week I felt a touch of sadness. Those flat twist accompanied by a cute beanie hat got me through the first week back to work after the holiday break. Boy, did I need it! Convenient, cute, and prepping for a weekend of social activities.


Now here I am on the last day of the weekend and it’s time to say goodbye to the curls. They’ve got plenty of curl life left–at least 2 more days without retwisting–BUT tomorrow is Monday morning. Back to work. And I like my hair to style to be as simple as possible.

So bye bye curls…hello twists!

Perfect Natural Hair Bun

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I’m so excited that I finally got my bun right! And as I’ve heard many natural hair youtubers profess, it IS all about the gel. Not the type of gel, per se, but the amount of gel used.

Some people may not have a problem with that but I tend not to follow directions when the word “generous” is involved. Lol. While I can attribute that to my frugality, that’s done nothing for my buns of the past.

But this time I finally got it right. And I added some Marley hair for extra volume.

Whatcha think? I think I’ve found my summer staple hair style.>


Cold Winter Temps & Twists

How can I enjoy my twists in this brutal winter??? You see, this sistah right here must keep a hat on her head at all times! All times!


There’s no style that I can tuck under the full coverage hats that I wear besides:


Any suggestions?

Side note: I’m going for a retouch today to get a few more weeks out of the twists. Regardless of style, I’m loving the “get up & go life!”

Twist Extensions-A Long Time Coming

After months and months of debate I finally took the plunge and got a protective style with extensions–twist extensions.




Unfortunately, two of my fears were realized.

1. The process took double the time I expected. Granted, the young lady providing the service gave a nice price break since she doesn’t have a lot of experience. While the price was the draw for my decision to get the twist, I still didn’t like the time it took. And it’s hard for me to rationalize the sacrifice of the time with the convenience I’m gaining for the next few weeks. It’d be different if I was single, but when others are expecting you home and they start calling you like, “Hey, how much longer?” and you have no clue, it’s a little unnerving.

2. While the pain wasn’t excruciating, I still can’t stand folks pulling and tugging my hair. I know they have get the extension in tight so it’ll hold. Still…ouch!

At the end of the day I’m satisfied with my hair. Looking forward to being able to get up and go–after I shower, of course. Lol!

What say you? Is the cost and discomfort of extensions worth the convenience?

Talk to me,

Unweaveable Protective Style


Yes, take another look if you must but that is me sporting a weave (and a hot red dress)! Haven’t done that in over 6 years.

Honestly, I’m experiencing mixed feelings about it. First, I’m glad to say that I do actually like it! The style of hair, that is. Thanks to my daughter–the weave queen herself–for helping me choose a nice loose curly. Even before she started wearing weave she didn’t like my first one and the second one–my husband affectionately describes as the “poodle do”.

On the other hand, I don’t like trying to keep the small section of my hair that is out properly mixed with the weave hair. In hindsight I should have gotten a full weave but my daughter heavily advised against that.

Another issue is the way my hair is braided underneath. I can’t get to
my scalp the way I want to. Quick, fast, and in a hurry I better get myself an applicator bottle so I can squirt some oil and conditioner down in there. Can’t have my hair getting damaged while in a supposed “protective” style.

Would I do it again? I won’t say never but it definitely won’t be a staple protective style. Here are my 3 top reasons why:

1. The best quality hair–the unprocessed kind– is monstrously priced.

2. I have to do almost as much maintenance on this hair as my own. Trying to control the frizz. That’s what I have to do on my own hair.

3. Oh yeah, this should have been at the top. This hair is hot as heck! A hat that I can’t take off!

So this hair has served it’s purpose. Got me through the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc 51st convention. But come this weekend, this has got to go!