Wellness Wednesday: Fed up With Failure

Tired of being tired?
I know I am.

Tired of  mornings following a night of regretful eating. Last night it was an eight count of chocolate covered donuts. Damn my husband for bringing the devil disguised by chocolate in our home!

Okay, truth moment. It’s not his fault. I’m the one who stuffed—actually, enjoyed small pieces to savor every bite—the donuts into my mouth. All the while knowing I was going to feel terrible in the morning after. I’m no stranger to this psychotic cycle of regretful eating.

BUT enough of the problem. Now, we move to the solution.

From now until the last Wednesday of 2016, I will be replacing my general Wellness Wednesday posts with my personal journal of my journey to lose at least 15 of the 25 lbs that I was supposed to lose this year.

One important fact that I learned this year is that no goal is accomplished alone. So I’m creating a team of important people. My goal-oriented obsessed daughter will encourage me with talks about her own weight loss journey. My friend Joyce, recently diagnosed with diabetes, will help me with sample means she receives from her nutritionist. My neighbor, LaNita, a woman 10 yrs my senior whose commitment to lifelong fitness shows will be my workout buddy. And my co-worker, who eats healthy every day but could care less about exercising,  will serve as my daily example of meal planning for the day.

If you have a weight loss goal to attain by 12/31/2016, join me. We can do it together!

I plan to post weekly progress via this blog and daily posts on Facebook. Follow me @charmie2420@yahoo.com

It’s a Thoughtful Thursday

On the drive to work this morning, I tuned into Joyce Meyers via the app on my phone. My usual morning inspiration from Christian talk radio Family Life Today was talking about advice for 20 yr olds. Turning 41 next week, I passed on that. Anyway, a message from God through Joyce (yes, we’re on a first name basis. I’ve been listening to her for 20 yrs) never fails. 

The topic I selected was, “Making the Most of Your Time”.  Time in your day, time in your life. You know,  that dash in the middle? 

A poignant question during the message was: If you could do anything you wanted to do with your life, what would it be? Whatever that is, it IS possible with God. YOU just have to take steps in the direction of that goal, stop blaming others, and use your time wisely.

What are you doing today to live the life you want? Share in the comments below.

Naturally Yours,


Wellness Wednesday: My Favorite Workout Spot

I’m going to be there every day at the same time for the same amount of hours. No matter how busy I get, there’s always time for fitness–I’m mandated to take at least a 30 minute lunch.  And it’s the only place that I can go where there’s no option to be anywhere else. 

Yep, you guessed it. My workplace is my favorite spot to work out. Even more so since I was finally granted the accomodation of a standing workstation. It’s a shame the company doesn’t provide them to all employees just because they’re better for you, but that’s for another post.

These here are so me:

I recently stopped exercising in private. Until a few weeks ago I kept my equipment–hula hoop, Dumbbells, yoga mat–in an empty office area. Then I realized I wasn’t using them as much I wanted to. Why? Honestly, sometimes I don’t feel like leaving my desk. Now I don’t hula hoop at my desk. That would be insane! God help me if I had a private office because I certainly would. In the meantime, thought, I do perform dumbbell exercises, lunges, squats, ab exercises, and I walk every chance I get: bathroom breaks, water runs, coffee runs, going to the prober and fax, talking to coworkers. By the time I leave work, I’m over the halfway mark to my 15k step goal! 

That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. No matter how many times my daughter tries to convince me that I can fit the gym into my schedule, I will continue to get it in at work. If by chance I get to the gym or do some increased physical activity after work, it’s just the cherry on top!

What’s your favorite place to exercise? Share in the comments below.

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Naturally Yours,


Wellness Wednesday–Enjoying Beauty & Fitness

I wish I’d tracked my steps all summer long. It would have been cool to see how many steps or miles I’d walked. Undoubtedly most of the miles stemmed from lunchtime walks during the workweek. Some of my favorite scenery on these sunny days are below.

And these pictures don’t even include the live entertainment and patches of friends, coworkers, and eating and being merry. 

It’s nothing like combining fitness and fun. Hopefully these pictures inspire you to get out on this wellness Wednesday and take in some sights.

Naturally Yours,


Wellness Wednesday–Weight Lifting



The first fictional character I created, Lydia Love, was  similar to me in many ways. She had a great relationship with her mother. She carried a torch for an old flame. And as it relates to this post, she was an avid exerciser. Where we differ is with our level of commitment.

You see, at the time of the setting of my novel, Unfinished Business, Lydia was a single woman with only herself–and the man she couldn’t leave alone–to worry about. But no matter what was going on in her personal life, she hit that gym. I didn’t write any scenes with Lydia weight lifting as part of her routine, but she was definitely that type of woman to do whatever was necessary for the best sculpting of her body.

Not quite the case with me…


weight training



These are the various size dumbbells that I have acquired over the last 20 years. Sadly, I haven’t used any of them consistently but the 5lb-ers  come the closest. As long as I’ve been exercising I should be up to 25lb, at least, but I just can’t seem to stick to weight lifting long enough to increase up to that and beyond.

Why? I’m still trying to figure that out.

I know how effective weight training is for weight loss. When I observe others doing it, it looks a lot easier than pounding away on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes or swinging my arms and legs on the elliptical. But clearly it’s something about it that has kept me from developing a routine.

I read one article that listed intimidation as one of the reasons for not women not weight lifting. Hmm…I don’t think so. I simply enjoy–if I can use that word describing exercising–cardio. It’s easy to walk outside or get on a machine at the gym and then leave. Not so much for the weights. It’s something about standing in one spot doing reps or walking around looking for the right machine or an available one that I can actually use that keeps me away.

At 40 years old, I haven’t given up, though.  This lady right here has my new inspiration. If she can start in her 50’s, it’s not too late for me! Plus I recently read this article  explaining one woman’s argument against weight training an the author/expert’s counter for why she and I need to get over it.

I hope this article inspires you to incorporate weight training into your routine like it has me. If you already have this weight training together, provide your tips and tricks for sticking with it for those of us struggling. Help a sistah out!

Naturally Yours,


Roller Set Results

I was petrified walking into Sally’s Beauty Supply, especially after a stressful moment with my son about his report card. It doesn’t take much to over spend in that store. Y’all know how it is? You go in for a bottle of conditioner and come out with some hair clips, a $5 decorative headband, and some fingernail polish.

My target of the day: setting rollers


I used 1 1/4 pcks of these


Since I’m taking a break from the salon I decided to try a roller set of my hair. Of course that means I was watching YouTube. Anyway, I asked my beautician to do it on my last visit but she discourage me.

“Well you know it’s not going to look like you’re expecting. It’s going to be poofy.”

Not wanting to pay her to give me poofiness I decided this was a style I needed to do myself. I left Sally’s with 3 packs of rod rollers couldn’t pass buy 2 get 1 free); 2 packs of magnetic rollers (intended purchase), and 2 combs. Total cost $21– not the worst total I’ve accumulated  at Sally’s.

Last night was the night. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a pic of the before but here’s the pic of the results.

I like it. It’s soft and full of body. All I did was put a flat iron to smooth out the roots.

I tried to maintain the curls with two big Bantu knots, like one You Tuber demonstrated but I only got two days of curls I could wear loose. After that I pulled my hair in a side ponytail for the rest of the week.

Overall this process works great as a means of straightening or stretching my hair without heat. Surprisingly, I was okay sleeping in the rollers and it didn’t tak long to dry.

This method/style will definitely be a staple for me going forward.

Til Next Time,


Wellness Wednesday: Diversify Your Workout

The experts say your body needs to be challenged with increased duration and/or intensity of exercises. I believe that to be true but I change up my routine more so to keep from being bored. If I’m bored, I won’t stick to it.
While walking is the main staple in my exercise arsenal, I diversify by:

1. Walking malls that include stairs and ramps

2. Attend Zumba class (when I’m in a funky dancing mood and don’t dripping in perspiration.)

3. Attend hula hoop fitness class. I was elated to find a class practically around the corner from me. It’s on Sunday’s so I can only attend once or twice a month when I’m not on ministry duty at my church.

4. Do apprx 2 wks worth of those 30 challenges (squats, abs, arms)

5. Pilates and/or Yoga (I prefer Pilates but need them both equally)

6. Stretching

Only thing missing from the above list is strength training. I’ll talk more about my challenges with this beast on my next wellness post.

How do you diversify your workout. Share in the comments below. Like and share the post!

Til Next Time,


Wellness Wednesday: My Weight Watchers Results


Welp…my Weight Watchers session came to a lackluster end last week.

4.4 lb total lost

Nothing to write about but I’m encouraged enough to give it another try. Why? Because I’m no quitter! I can and will lose this stubborn 20 lbs.

Don’t worry. I’m not beating myself up too much for my little 4.4 lbs. After all, it’s better than I did 5 yrs ago when I tried Weight Watchers when I was only trying to lose 10-15 lbs. If memory serves me correctly, those end results were like a 1-1.5lbs.

But you can’t attain a goal without a strategy. Here’s mine:

  1. Renu Herbs Detox Trio- After listening to Gospel sensation Yolanda Adams rave about the results of Robin Anthony’s Detox Trio body cleanse products for the last few years, I finally did the tax-refund-thing-to-do and splurged on some products. I’ve been wanting to do a detox for quite some time but have been put off by some of the requirements like…not eating. I don’t do well with plans that don’t include eating throughout the day. However, with this detox trio,  I do have to eat as clean as possible and for the last couple of days I’ve been doing okay.
  2. Weekly weigh in WITHOUT looking at the results. Sounds like it defeats the purpose, right? Well, my experience with Weight Watchers was every week that I lost, I followed with a small decrease the following week. SMH for real. On our group’s Facebook page one member posted that she didn’t look at her results until the end of the 12 weeks. And she lost a whopping 14lbs! Maybe that method will work for me. In fact, when I’d lost weight in the past, I did it without weighing myself weekly, preferring a bi-weekly schedule.
  3. Making small changes  week at a time. Right now I’m working on not eating after 7pm. Also, at work, I’m drinking a 1/2 cup of coffee instead a full. Future plans include reducing beef to once a week, increasing fish, and going totally organic for fruits and veggies. The cleanse is helping me with that.
Our next session starts next week and I’m confident that I’ll have already lost 2-3 lbs from our last weigh in with the small changes I’ve already made. Plus the cleanse. I feel it working!
No worries. I’ll keep you posted. If you have any suggestions for small changes I can make, post them in the comments below. Share your progress or struggles, too. We can help each other.
Til next time,

Wellness Wednesday: Workout Buddy vs Accountability Partner

I’m off work btwn 4:30 & 5:30 everyday. My sister is off at 4 but has another job that age goes to some evenings. One friend works from home, sometimes days, sometimes afternoons with alternating off days. And all of us have children–children in activities.

So which of them can be my workout buddy? 

Each of them, but in a very different sense of the word.

Clearly we can’t always physically workout together. One friend and I have met at the mall a few times and a Zumba class. My sis and I are trying to go to a cycling class this Friday. But that’s just this week. Anything could happen next week.

But what we can do is always keep each other accountable.

An accountability partner keeps you on track with daily phone calls or text messages to inspire you and/or remind of your commitment. 

  You can decide.

I find it helpful being on either side of the call or text. Surely I can’t inspire or encourage someone else of something I’m not doing. Helping my friends is also helping myself. I benefit just as much when I’m on the receiving end. Sometimes it comes right when I need it.

Lucky I’m cool working out solo or with a friend, my preference being the first. That’s the introvert in me. What’s your preference? Share in the comments below.

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