Encouragement for the New Natural

Yes, sometimes you can feel like this or worse when you’re trying a new hairstyle.


Rest assured, though, natural hair gets better with time, patience, and practice. When I combed my locs out–going on 2 years now–those first several months I promise I was going to cut my hair or re-loc my hair because I was struggling. Washing, detangling, and trying to find cute, easy styles to wear my hair for any occasion. Everything was a challenge.

Hopefully the tips I’ve compiled based on my experiences will help you along your journey. Check the out:

1. Until you become master over your hair, don’t wash your hair on a day you’ve got ten other things to do! You won’t be a happy natural.

2. Watch YouTube with caution. See a style you want to try. Practice. Practice. Practice. You’re NOT going to get it right on the first try ( usually). So you might not want to try to throw that style when you’re about to go out.

3. Wear new styles in the comfort of your home a couple times before you debut it to the world (okay, just your family, friends, coworkers). You need to get used to the new you before you’ll feel totally comfortable with it. Believe me, you’ll need that self-confidence to combat some of the rude, insulting, and UNSOLICITED comments.

Share your own tips in the comment section below. We naturals have to help each other out!

Naturally Yours,


LA’s July Hair Crush

Can you say all occasion natural? Since I became line sisters of the BEST sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. with this young woman I’ve been crushing extra hard on her hair.

Whereas I’ve come across plenty of times where I was completely stomped on what to do with my natural hair, especially on special occasions, this natural beauty is the epitome of natural hair for all occasions. Check out these various styles! Each time she absolutely rocked it!


Of course when I inquired as to her styling process she says easily, “Girl, all I do is…”

Lol. Y’all know how the rest of that story goes.

Well whatever she does, it works!

Naturally Yours,


Doing it Yourself Hair Care

As I was flat ironing my hair this morning–yes, I gave into the heat earlier than intended. Don’t judge me! My daughter remarked that I should get my hair done.

Admittedly, I was slightly offended. Was she implying that I wasn’t doing a good job? I said, rather irritated, “Why? So they can break my hair off?”

“It’s going to break off anyway.” She was quick to reply.

“Well, if it does, I’d rather be the one responsible for it while keeping my money in my pocket!”

Personally I’ve had enough experiences with finding breakage throughout my hair that my beautician didn’t say anything about. Not only that but when I get my hair professionally done, I’m less inclined to “mess it up” with activities like exercising. I’m so done living like that.

Why do you do your own hair?

Failed by the Pineapple Method

Either it was the pineapple method or the flat twist out method that I used that failed me. After day two the style went downhill. Major frizz. See…




This is precisely the reason for my love/hate relationship with these curly do’s. They’re beautiful but THEY DON’T LAST! At least not long enough for me. So I’ll probably reserve these styles for church and other special occasions.

How long can you keep up your curly ‘do? Maybe it’s just me.


Election Day

Rocking my straightened hair with curls, I ensured that my voice was heard loud and clear as I made it to the polls to vote for my choice candidate. No matter your style of choice, I hope you did too!


Project Mousturize

What good is nicely styled, but dry and breaking hair? Not a thing! That being the case, I’m making a conscious effort to focus less on styling my hair and more caring for my hair. Moisture is the key.

Before locs, before, before and after relaxer, I’ve always struggled with moisture. Not wanting to “oil my scalp”, as my mother likes to say. When considering how essential moisture is to the natural hair survival, you can see where I have a problem, right?

Herein lies my “project moisture” project. The goal–I bet you guessed it–is to achieve 100% daily moisturizing. Meaning, no matter how my hair is styled–twisted, braid out, twist out, or the plain ‘ole ponytail–I aim to use some moisturizing agent on my hair. Water. Beautiful Texture Butter Cream Moisturizer. Leave-in Conditioner.

So far no product has resolved my dry scalp issue but that could be from lack of consistency of use. Hopefully this challenge will get me on my way to moisture rich hair.

Current products of choice:



What products moisturize your hair best?

Straight Hair Update

Honestly, I don’t know how much longer I can do this. Admittedly, I haven’t been as obsessed with my hair since I visited my beautician 2 wks ago and I let her run a straightening comb through my kinky hair. It’s not much to maintaining this straight ‘do. Wrap it, tie a scarf around out, then comb it out in the morning. Since I’ve been out of practice with the flat irons, most days I don’t even think about bumping the ends and that’s been alright with me. It’s been as carefree as locs–if that were possible.

It’s almost time for a washing. Think I’m going to use the opportunity to do something different. Right now I’m leaning towards kinky twist, if I can arrange my busy schedule for an appointment.

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Insulted by a Fellow Natural

The record breaking high temperatures in the city had subsided this week replaced by dreary rain. Still, I wasn’t in the mood for twists and curls. I wanted something to stay in place for the week, something that wouldn’t require much maintenance outside of tying my hair up for the night.

Does that make me lazy?

Yes, according to this one natural I encountered at the gas station on my way to work. Here was the scene:

“Hey girl. I like your hair.” I complimented her on fresh-looking twist out. Complimenting other naturals is something I make a point to do.

“Thank you,” she returned politely. “I like yours too. That’s how I wear my hair when I’m lazy.”

Hmmm. Okay. Thank you???

I’m sure she didn’t mean it as an insult but with the negative undertone of the word “lazy” I kinda took it that way. I wasn’t like boiling mad behind the comment–just a bit slighted. Like, if I’m not wearing my hair loose, then I’m being lazy? Hmph. I don’t know what she thought but it took some work to get my hair in that goddess twist!

I’m wondering if other naturals feel this way about updos. Is it lazy? What’s your take fellow naturals?