Crochet Braids Disaster!

Sooo…about a week ago I took my son to get his hair cut at a barber/beauty shop near my home. After his cut, when I was on my way out, the owner/barber noticed that my hair was twisted underneath a hat I was wearing. Quite professionally he advised me of a natural hair stylist who worked in his shop. I took her card and held on to it for a few days before I called her. Honestly, I was more excited about the stylist’s proximity to my home than anything else! Convenience rocks, right?

WRONG! This is what “convenience” did to my crochet braids. What’s worse was that I didn’t notice what a bad job she did until the next day after work when I was able to thoroughly go through my hair.

A neat ponytail that I managed to pull together for work the day after the appointment.


Doesn’t look too bad here


The truth began to come to light.


My facial expression says it all. Hot mess.


I bare some responsibility in this matter because I ignored some pretty heavy warning signs:

1. She didn’t have a website or FB page to display her work. In this day and age, why not?

2. She offered to text me some pictures. I was like, okay, cool. Well…out of about 6 pics only one was of an actual client. I wonder if she thought I wouldn’t notice that.

3. I was clear that I didn’t want to look like Chakka Khan. At least I thought I was. Well as she was installing I was nervous about the poofiness and I kept saying, ” Now I don’t want it too thick.” I must have scared her or something because she pulled out the clippers and started cutting on the hair BEFORE she installed all the hair! What she should have done was tell me that she could thin it out at the end instead of reacting to a nervous client. Isn’t that what a professional would do??? About this time I was wondering how many “natural” hair clients she actually had.

But there is good news! Nearly 40 years old I’m finally comfortable speaking  up for myself in these situations. I remember sitting in the beautician’s chair when I was teen wanting so badly to tell her that she wasn’t doing what I asked but I couldn’t speak up. I would just fix it when I got home. Well, after debating whether I should stay silent and simply never go to her again or call her out on her shabby job I decided on the latter. I politely let her know that I was not satisfied and that it was a very big inconvenience because I had an event that night and my hair was a hot mess. In my twenties and early thirties I would have suffered in silence, keeping my real feelings to myself but not anymore! I would have preferred my money back but I agreed to go back the next morning so she could fix it.

OMG! That was an ordeal in itself. I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say that it became crystal clear that she was inexperienced with “styling” the Marley hair. Her intent was only to install the hair whereas my expectation was for installation AND styling.

I’m really glad I spoke up (although she wasted 4 hrs of my Saturday morning). It felt good being a big girl and I learned a valuable lesson: “Everyone who says they’re a natural hair stylist ISN’T!”

What disastrous natural hair encounters have you had? How would you have handled this situation?


Naturally Yours,