It’s Fun Friday! Oh No She Didn’t!

What I thought was going to be a cool evening for my sons track meet yesterday turned into a perfectly toasty one in which I was no longer regretful that I’d left my jacket at home.  Leaning comfortably against the gate scanning the crowd of bite size and plus size kids dressed properly in jersey tanks and shorts and track shoes in search of son, my scan was interrupted by the most unusual site…


An apparent mom, lunging across the field to have a conversation with a coach or her kid with…wait for it… An unfinished weave!

I kid you not!

There had to be 24 inches of hair hanging from the bottom rows on her head but the crown of her head was like the picture above! SERIOUSLY.

The looks of astonishment amongst the other onlookers passed down like we were doing the wave at a baseball game. 

Speaking of baseball, a cute baseball cap would have been so fitting for her if she didn’t have time to get her hair finished before the track meet. Why oh why didn’t she cover her head???

I just hope this doesn’t become the next trend behind wearing pajamas out in public.

Have you seen anything so crazy??? Do tell.

Happy Friday!

Naturally Yours,


Natural Salon Visit –Part 1

Finally made it! I’ve been passive aggressively trying to find a natural hair salon to visit.

“Whoa?” You’re saying. “I thought you naturals only did your own hair, L.A. What’s up with that?”

Honestly, many naturals are DIY’ers (do it yourselfers). However, many also frequent a salon for their hair care–whether for deep conditioning, protein treatments, or maybe styles they can’t do themselves, like weaves and other extensions.

As for myself I definitely have my times when I don’t feel like bothering with my hair. I don’t want the responsibility. Then I call around and get quoted prices like $65, $75, and $85 to do what I consider to be simple hairstyles–two strand twists and twist outs. So my money conscience self overtakes me and I push past the frustration and go at it.

But the frustration eventually returns. Usually with a vengeance.

It’s not all about the frustration. The bottom line is that today’s busy working woman needs some time when she can sit and be pampered, whether it be a massage, pedi/mani, facial, or a good hair wash and style!

So today is the beginning of my monthly pamper time. Stay tuned for the results in my next post!

Reminiscing about my Loc Life


It was only a matter of time before I began having flash backs of my loc life as I enter week two of wearing these kinky twists. Number one thought I’ve been having is: Would my locs be this long if I hadn’t combed them out?

Other random thoughts include:

Loving this get up and go life!

I’m all about that “my hair is styled without me doing anything to it” life!

Oh yeah! Working out without a care in the world about sweating out my hair!

So am I going back? Hmm…only time will tell so stay tuned 😊

Burrrr…Where’s Your Hat Natural Girl?

Ooohwee! In these frigid temperatures, I hope my natural girls are keeping those heads covered. Damn a hair style! Lol!

Check out some stylish natural ‘dos accessorized with just as cute hats:




Stay warm girls!


Twist Extensions-A Long Time Coming

After months and months of debate I finally took the plunge and got a protective style with extensions–twist extensions.




Unfortunately, two of my fears were realized.

1. The process took double the time I expected. Granted, the young lady providing the service gave a nice price break since she doesn’t have a lot of experience. While the price was the draw for my decision to get the twist, I still didn’t like the time it took. And it’s hard for me to rationalize the sacrifice of the time with the convenience I’m gaining for the next few weeks. It’d be different if I was single, but when others are expecting you home and they start calling you like, “Hey, how much longer?” and you have no clue, it’s a little unnerving.

2. While the pain wasn’t excruciating, I still can’t stand folks pulling and tugging my hair. I know they have get the extension in tight so it’ll hold. Still…ouch!

At the end of the day I’m satisfied with my hair. Looking forward to being able to get up and go–after I shower, of course. Lol!

What say you? Is the cost and discomfort of extensions worth the convenience?

Talk to me,

Doing it Yourself Hair Care

As I was flat ironing my hair this morning–yes, I gave into the heat earlier than intended. Don’t judge me! My daughter remarked that I should get my hair done.

Admittedly, I was slightly offended. Was she implying that I wasn’t doing a good job? I said, rather irritated, “Why? So they can break my hair off?”

“It’s going to break off anyway.” She was quick to reply.

“Well, if it does, I’d rather be the one responsible for it while keeping my money in my pocket!”

Personally I’ve had enough experiences with finding breakage throughout my hair that my beautician didn’t say anything about. Not only that but when I get my hair professionally done, I’m less inclined to “mess it up” with activities like exercising. I’m so done living like that.

Why do you do your own hair?

Election Day

Rocking my straightened hair with curls, I ensured that my voice was heard loud and clear as I made it to the polls to vote for my choice candidate. No matter your style of choice, I hope you did too!


Dissing Natural Hair???

Ever feel like you’re dissing your textured natural hair when you run that sizzling straightening comb or flat-iron along your ringlets of curls. Well, it’s not. Simply put, it’s just another styling option.

Since I’ve embarked on this natural hair journey–as it’s affectionately called–I’ve gotten the impression from diehard naturals that you’re only “natural” if you wear your hair in its un-straightened state the majority of the time, permitting the occasional straightening just to showcase your length. Huh? I don’t like those rules and I don’t intend to play by them.

As I trudge along on my “natural hair” journey I’m discovering that I simply like my hair and all the different things I can do with it. Sometimes I like to rock it full and curly. Other times I like it contained in a nice pin-up style that I can wear for a few days without disturbing it–a.k.a. “get up and go”. Then there are times like these when I want to rock it straightened.

Right now there is no rhyme or reason as to how I rock my hair. I do what feels right at the time. For my best friend’s wedding last weekend I was compelled to showcase the beauty, versatility, and formal possibility of natural [textured] hair. Shout out to MsVaughnTv on YouTube. If I may say so myself, my hair couldn’t have looked more gorgeous!

For this particular occasion, time and patience was short. I didn’t have time nor the creative wherewithal for styling my “natural” hair. Honestly, I’m still rookie at it, but getting better every day.

I needed the simplicity of straight hair. Heck, twenty plus years of living with straight hair, I couldn’t go wrong. Even if it didn’t get as straight as I wanted it, my alternative plan was going to be a conservative bun, which, of course, I could’ve pulled off with my textured natural, but that wasn’t the look I wanted. And that’s okay.

As far I’m concerned hair is only an accessory to my physical self. I can do anything I want with it and it’s still going to look good!

So if you ever feel like you’re dissing your natural hair when you straighten it, throw some weave in it, or put a wig over it–DON’T!

It’s really not that serious…

Insulted by a Fellow Natural

The record breaking high temperatures in the city had subsided this week replaced by dreary rain. Still, I wasn’t in the mood for twists and curls. I wanted something to stay in place for the week, something that wouldn’t require much maintenance outside of tying my hair up for the night.

Does that make me lazy?

Yes, according to this one natural I encountered at the gas station on my way to work. Here was the scene:

“Hey girl. I like your hair.” I complimented her on fresh-looking twist out. Complimenting other naturals is something I make a point to do.

“Thank you,” she returned politely. “I like yours too. That’s how I wear my hair when I’m lazy.”

Hmmm. Okay. Thank you???

I’m sure she didn’t mean it as an insult but with the negative undertone of the word “lazy” I kinda took it that way. I wasn’t like boiling mad behind the comment–just a bit slighted. Like, if I’m not wearing my hair loose, then I’m being lazy? Hmph. I don’t know what she thought but it took some work to get my hair in that goddess twist!

I’m wondering if other naturals feel this way about updos. Is it lazy? What’s your take fellow naturals?