Father’s Day Hair Crush

Thought fathers were exempt from my hair crushes? Not at all! This month’s hair crush is my very own husband who’s rocking starter locs!



He won’t admit it, of course, but I know my loc rocking inspired him to start his journey (albeit ironic that he waited until I combed mine out! We could’ve been rocking locs together.) By the way in the above picture, yours truly did those twists! Not too shabby, huh?

He’s got that soft curly like hair so his hair is taking its sweet time loc’ing but as long as he doesn’t give up, they’ll be loc’d in no time.

Side note: Mine might be too! 😉

Happy Father’s Day honey and all other dads doing the dad thang!

Naturally LA

Reminiscing about my Loc Life


It was only a matter of time before I began having flash backs of my loc life as I enter week two of wearing these kinky twists. Number one thought I’ve been having is: Would my locs be this long if I hadn’t combed them out?

Other random thoughts include:

Loving this get up and go life!

I’m all about that “my hair is styled without me doing anything to it” life!

Oh yeah! Working out without a care in the world about sweating out my hair!

So am I going back? Hmm…only time will tell so stay tuned 😊

2013 Hair Reflections

First, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Yeah, I got a little sidetracked from my posting but it’s good to be back.

Nevertheless, 2013 was quite a hair whirlwind. First, June 2013 commemorated one year of living loc free! Yes! I made it a complete year. Believe me there some tough times when I was seconds away from placing an emergency call to a loctician. 🎶Look at me now…🎶Look at me now.

Flat Ironed Hair
Flat Ironed Hair
Hair with curls
Hair with curls
Flat Twist Out
Flat Twist Out
Bun on Straightened Hair
Bun on Straightened Hair

Adjusting to life without locs was no small feat. Washing, cowashing, moisturizing, styling, protective styling–whew! It was a never ending process. By the onset of fall, I was about ready to pull out every strand of thick, kinky, shrinking hair!

Rather than going to those extremes, I opted to take the less stressful, time consuming road of straightening my hair more often than not.

And I gotta be honest… I feel so much better! My days aren’t spent pondering what my next hair fix will be. Lol.

But don’t fret. I’m still all about that natural life. My natural just needs a blow dryer and pressing comb sometimes 😉

Stay tuned for what this year will bring.

Naturally Yours,


Process for Un-Locking My Hair

It would seem I’d started researching how to unlock my hair not far into my loc journey. Guess unlocking my hair was imminent.

I started approximately the second week of May and finished about the fourth week. There were some good days but more of them were bad — only because it often felt like I’d never finish! But I did and pretty much on target. Below are some photos of that journey.










Too Lovely Not to Post

This was true too lovely not to post. Check out all these loc beauties. Like Naturaleeza said, locs are beautiful at all stages.

Loc Pics

Have a great day Locstars!!

Lovely & Loc’d,


Who’s Tired of Your Locs?

It’s not me. At least not this time. It’s my boyfriend, or do I dare say fiancé. This morning, out of nowhere, he says, “I think it’s time for you to come out of your locs.”

Mind you, at the time I was in the mirror retightening my locs. Interestingly, although I’ve considered it off and on over the last few years, I immediately became defensive of my lovely locs.

“Why would you say that?” But I didn’t give him a chance to respond because I didn’t need to hear his reason. While he may have been the main cheerleader in my corner when I was transitioning into locs, giving me courage and confidence to do it, I long since stopped needing that kind of support from him or anyone else.

I know sometimes he misses my loose hair. Like I’ve said on this blog before, I do too. However, the difference between he and I is that he misses my straightened hair, something I don’t miss at all.

So I told him I have no plans of straightening my hair again. If and when I come out of my locs I’ll be engaging in a different transition: embracing my loose natural hair. Im already preparing for that day. As such, if he’s not ready for THAT, he bests be quiet and keep loving’ my locs like or do!

Weigh in, please? How would you have handled that statement from your man/woman?